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Our West Orange, New Jersey office provides comprehensive eye care in a private setting. Dr. Alan Schlussel’s extensive experience combined and our highly qualified staff ensure that your eyecare and eyewear needs are addressed.

Dr. Alan B. Schlussel has years of experience treating patients suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome. If you suffer from any of the symptoms come straight in for treatment and relief! We also have the latest contact lenses. If you’ve had difficulty getting into contact lenses, we specialize in “hard to fit” contact lens patients. We are your first and last stop.

Welcome to the Office of Dr. Alan B. Schlussel, O.D.

Leading Optometrist Serving Essex: West Orange & Montclair, NJ

Meet our West Orange eye doctor and read about our complete eye exams, children’s vision care, treatment of eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy and more. See the designer frame brands we carry and ask our eye doctor about Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses

As a benefit to our patients and their families, we accept a wide selection of insurance plans at Dr. Schlussel’s West Orange office. You can also listen to Dr. Schlussel’s latest eyecare radio show and check us out on Google+.

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Alan B. Schlussel

Dr Alan B. Schlussel O.D. F.A.A.O. received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from Binghamton University in 1980. He received his Doctor of Optometry  degree from the  State College of Optometry in New York in 1984.  He has been in private practice for over 25...
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Featured Contact Lens Alcon Dailies Total 1


Try this lens if you feel like you have never really had a comfortable contact lens for one reason or another: dryness, lens awareness, redness, allergies. Click here to learn more.

Daily Disposables Are A Great Option


Dr. Alan Schlussel indicates that the more frequently you replace your lens, the more comfortable and healthy it will be for your eyes. Over time, many substances accumulate and build up in your lenses. These substances could be dust, pollen or calcium, lipids and proteins present in your tears. The presence of these substances would have a negative impact on the comfort level of your lenses. Also, it also increases the chances for infections. Click here to learn more.

Q&A with Dr. Law

Dr. Law Answers Your Eye Care Questions

Why is my child having trouble reading and concentrating on schoolwork?

Your child may have an underlying refractive issue, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness or an astigmatism that maybe be causing blurred vision, thus making it hard for your child to concentrate and focus. There may also binocular issues, which is how well the two eyes work together, and focusing issues, that may affect a child’s schoolwork. When working with your child, we will evaluate the child’s visual system including their binocular systems and accommodative systems to determine if his/her vision may be playing a role in their academic performance or sports performance.

Just arrived- PROKERA®, a biologic corneal bandage/medical device used by eye doctors around the world to treat eye diseases such as dry eye syndrome, chemical burns and more! Learn More

Full Optical for the Family

Our staff will help you find the best fit for your specific needs and explain how different lenses and frames will impact your vision.

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Dry Eye Syndrome

Your tears comfort your eyes in many ways. Dr. Alan Schlussel is the founding director of The Dry Eye Treatment Center of New York and New Jersey. Dry eye strikes when your eyes can’t produce enough tears for lubrication or the moisture in your tears evaporates too quickly.

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Total Eye Exams

Learn about eye exams, what’s involved in a comprehensive exam, and special considerations for kids and contacts.

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Our Blog

Dry Eye Syndrome Causes and Cures

Despite the fact that it is one of the most common eye problems, a surprisingly large percentage of patients are not aware of it.

A Focus on Technology

The optomap®


Find out if Dr. Schlussel recommends a retina exam for you.