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Q&A with Dr. Law

Dr. Law Answers Your Eyecare Questions

Can I wear contacts when I'm swimming?

We usually tell our patients that their contact lenses should never be in contact with regular water, tap or pool water because it can cause an increase risk of bacterial infections. The contact lenses act as magnets and can hold bacteria found in water that can cause harm to the eyes. However, we understand that sometimes when swimming, it is hard to see without your contacts and glasses aren’t an option. For these reasons, I generally recommend daily contact lenses whenever possible when swimming along with waterproof goggles. If daily disposable lenses aren’t an option, I recommend using your contact lenses along with waterproof goggles and when you are done that evening, to REMOVE THE LENSES and THOROUGHLY CLEAN them with the proper disinfection systems. Whatever you do, DO NOT SWIM IN YOUR CONTACT LENSES AND THEN PROCEED TO SLEEP IN THEM. This is a recipe for disaster and can cause significant damage to your eyes.

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