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My eye care provider told me I have dry eyes, and the cause of it is that I spend about eight hours a day in front of a computer or looking at my phone. I've reduced the time I spend before the computer, and the grittiness is less frequent. But I still feel dryness, but only a little bit. I'm 17 years old, which is too soon for me to have serious dry eye, but I don't know whether it's chronic or not. Is it possible that I can permanently heal my dry eye?

The tears and ocular surface work together to keep the eye moist and to insure crisp vision. Dryness usually worsens with age, but it can occur in younger individuals who spend a great deal of time in front of a computer monitor or texting on their phones. Computer use decreases the frequency of blinking, and that promotes evaporation of the tears. That can be either the cause or a factor that contributes to your symptoms. You might be helped by one of the newer lipid-based dry eye drops that are available at the pharmacy. Because dry eye tends to be both chronic and progressive, if your symptoms persist I would consult with an eye care provider for a full dry eye evaluation.

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