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Synergeyes Ultra-Health Contact Lenses

What’s New at Dr. Alan Schlussel?
Synergeyes Ultra-Health Contact Lenses

Dr. Alan Schlussel and Dr. Ramsarat in West Orange, NJ are glad to introduce the Synergeyes line of hybrid contact lenses, including the innovative new Ultra-Health contact lens, to their wide selection of comfortable and convenient contact lens options.

Ultra-Health hybrid contacts offer the kind of unique mix of comfort and unparalleled crystal-clear vision that is only possible with hybrid contact lenses. This is because while the rigid material in the middle offers the same great crystal-clear vision as traditional rigid gas permeable lenses, the soft outer area offers the comfort and convenience usually only found in soft contact lenses. Dr. Schlussel and his associate, Dr. Ramsarat, are some of the few optometrists in the tri-state area who are certified to fit this unique lens design.

Keratoconus is an eye condition in which the cornea becomes thin and develops a cone-like bulge, rather than maintaining it’s normally dome-like shape. This creates significant refractive problems and seriously inhibits vision, and the unusual shape of the cornea makes it difficult or impossible to wear regular soft lenses. The Ultra-Health hybrid contact lens is designed to help with this.

“Ultra-Health contact lenses are particularly good for keratoconus patients or patients who don’t get adequate vision from other disposable soft contact lenses,” Dr. Schlussel comments, “They are a great addition to the hybrid lenses that are specifically prescribed for keratoconus patients or patients who have had corneal transplant surgery. Our patients tell us that their contacts are more comfortable to wear, their eyes are less red and their vision is comparable to their vision with the rigid hard gas permeable lenses that they previously wore for their keratoconus.”

Dr. Schlussel and also offer the Duette hybrid contact lens from Synergeyes. These contact lenses are more suitable for patients who want improvement in their vision, don’t receive adequate vision from other soft lenses and do not have keracotonus. Special Duette contact lenses for those with presbyopia are also available. Duette Progressives are great for patients who want the ability to see for distance vision as well as reading capability without switching lenses and who are not satisfied with the performance of their soft multi-focal contacts.

All Synergeyes contact lenses, including Ultra-Health and Duette contacts – provide superior protection from the sun by blocking 80% of UVA and 95% of UVB radiation. All Synergeyes contact lenses also offer the most comfortable and healthy eye experience possible in contact lenses, thanks to their incredible breathability and design.

For more information on these and other innovative eye care options, visit Dr. Alan Schlussel and Dr. Ramsarat in West Orange today.