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Discover the Difference: Explore our Dry Eye Center in West Orange

Not all solutions are created equal when it comes to finding relief from the persistent discomfort of dry eye syndrome. At Professional Eye Care of West Orange, we are dedicated to setting new standards in dry eye treatment, offering a range of cutting-edge technologies and personalized approaches that make us...
Dry Eye

Dry Eyes? Try These 3 Tips

Dry eye syndrome causes red, dry, gritty eyes. Try these 3 tips to alleviate the symptoms until you can see an eye doctor.

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How Diabetes Increases Dry Eye Risk in Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents with diabetes are significantly more likely to suffer from dry eye syndrome (DES) than their non-diabetic peers. Read on to learn why diabetics are at higher risk, and how Professional Eye Care of West Orange can help.

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Natural And Holistic Dry Eye Treatments

Medication doesn't always work to heal dry eye syndrome's underlying cause. The following natural and holistic remedies may relieve your eye discomfort and relieve your symptoms.

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High Blood Sugar Linked to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Did you know that having atrophied meibomian glands can signal uncontrolled blood sugar levels? To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Professional Eye Care of West Orange today!

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Can Dry Eye Syndrome Lead To Blindness?

Dry eye syndrome is a common eye condition. So common, in fact, that many people ignore it, not realizing that, left untreated, severe cases of DES can cause vision loss and even blindness.