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COVID-19 Update: What to Expect When You Visit Our Practice

Throughout the United States, businesses are trying to restart their healthcare facilities. We expect and hope to begin seeing patients for routine care in the coming weeks. We will be following and seeking inspiration from guidelines to continue safe practices for patients in our office.

Here are some of the accommodations that we, as many other optometrists throughout the world are making to keep you and your family safe:

  • Limiting the number of patients in the office or any area at one time
    • We kindly ask for only the person with the appointment to enter the office
  • Coming out to your car to dispense glasses and contact lenses (curbside pickup)
  • Decreasing physical touch-points in the office
    • No paperwork – Appointments now require pre-registration on our website
    • No signatures on credit card receipts – touchless transactions when possible
  • Disinfection of glasses and sunglasses between patients
  • Staff wearing PPE (masks, etc.) for close patient encounters
  • We may ask you to leave the office if you show flu-like signs, cold/fever, or coughing

We will continue to do some things that we have always done for the safety of our guests:

  • Disinfection of areas in the office after patient encounters – desks, tables, handles, chairs, etc.
  • Disinfection of all equipment used for examination, glasses, or contact lenses between patients


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