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The staff is very friendly and polite. They make you feel very comfortable. Dr. Schlussel is very thorough and take the time to answer any questions that I have. I have been with this doctor for years and has always been satisfied.
2 weeks ago
- Doris B.
I would give Dr. Schlussel six stars if I could. For several years (more than I care to count), I intermittently suffered from double vision when I looked into the distance. I went to see an ophthalmologist, who told me I had dry eye. Dry eye can make the surface of your eye uneven, causing you to see double. When you rest your eyes, like when you take a nap or go to bed, they get moist again. The double vision goes away, only to come back again later. So I bought eye drops and a heating mask for my eyes and would gently clean my eye lids using warm water. Sometimes these things seemed to help, but the benefit was temporary. The odd thing is that I had double vision only when I looked into the distance, not when I looked at things up close. I wondered why the dry eye didn't affect my vision up close. I went back to the same ophthalmologist for five years, with no improvement in my condition. Despite my problem, I was told my dry eye wasn't so bad that it required prescription medication. When I wasn't able to get an appointment with my regular opthalmologist shortly before I went on vacation with my family to the Grand Canyon, I saw another opthalmologist, who made the same diagnosis. Then a week later I went to see Dr. Schlussel because he's a dry eye expert. He gave me a vision test and told me the double vision was caused not by dry eye but by my eye muscles not lining up and working together properly. He fitted me with new eyeglasses with a prism in the lenses to correct the double vision and voila! The double vision was immediately corrected! Dr Schlussel is an optometrist, not an ophthalmologist. Why would an optometrist be able to make this accurate diagnosis but not two opthalmologists who specialize in disorders of the eye? I can't explain it. I'm just very thankful that Dr. Schlussel finally put this problem to rest. He's changed my life. Besides being knowledgeable, thorough and friendly, he really listens to what you have to say (I can't emphasize this enough) and gives very generously of his time as if you were his only appointment of the day; you're the patient, but he's the patient one. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
1 month ago
- Michael B.
I've been a patient of Dr Schlussel for several decades and always found him to be very professional and informative. I intend to continue to retain Dr Schlussel as my opthamlogist for as long as I reside in the area. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my family or friends.
2 months ago
- jack b.
Great place to get your eyes examined. Very thorough and I can see better already just after my visit!
2 months ago
- KHBirdman
Fantastic practice. Felt I was in great hands with Dr. Ramsarat, and my dry eye issues were taken care of expertly. Highly recommended.
5 months ago
- Mark D.
Great experience. Thorough examiniation along with friendly staff. Would recommend.
5 months ago
- Onix R.
I really like this place. Everyone is thorough and very friendly. My questions/concerns are addressed very well.
6 months ago
- William C.