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I am a patient of Dr Allan Schlussel for over 10 years. I have not seen an eye Dr’s office to run like his. It is a warm atmosphere with pleasant staff. Dr. Schlussel himself have curtesy to his patients. He is knowledgeable of his job and I trust his understanding of eyes problem 200% He is smart and with a glance will say the sickness or the problem of the eyes and how to cure. He is open to talk to his patients and guide them. I think he should set up seminars for new young eye Drs and show them how to run the office and how to be smart not to waste patients time and solve the problem or sickness and cure the disease quickly. I recommend him 200%.
1 week ago
- M V.
Dr. Schlussel and team took me through a thorough eye examination. I am the typical procrastinator. Thanks to their professionalism, I trust that I will see more clearer now.
1 week ago
- Cedric W.
Very thorough doctor. Good staff.
3 weeks ago
- B P.
Dr. Schlussel is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was very thorough and explained everything in detail so we understood exactly what was wrong with my mother’s eyes. We made another appointment right away. We finally have hope that my mothers eye problems will improve. I would definitely recommend Dr. Schlussel! He’s an amazing doctor.
2 months ago
- yesim o.
It is a very warm, caring, but professional atmosphere. Dr. Schlussel has helped out tremendously in treating my dry eyes.
3 months ago
- Andrea I.
Staff were nice and courteous and addressed my questions. Dr. Tao was also nice and very patient with my child. She was
3 months ago
- Antonio C.
Great friendly and courteous staff. Clean and professional looking office. Dr. Schlussel was thorough with his eye exam and answered all of my questions. This was my second visit and based on my experience I'll be going there again. Great service.
3 months ago
- David A.